Official Endorsements

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Debbie has been officially endorsed by several individuals and organizations including:

Teachers - Firefighters - Indiana Farm Bureau - Indiana Right to Life - Indiana Family Action

Rich endorses Debbie Driskell
Voting was not high on my priority list...until now.

"My name is Rich and I live in Fishers. For the first time, I believe that my vote for Debbie Driskell is crucial. So, I registered and will vote on May 8th."
Randy endorses Debbie Driskell
Here's why Randy Kincaid is voting for Debbie Driskell.

"I'm a small business owner in Fishers. Debbie Driskell has the skill and experience as a small business owner herself to know what must happen to get our economy back on track."
Marilyn endorses Debbie Driskell
Why is Marilyn Schenkel voting for Debbie Driskell?

"Hardworking and relentless in pursuit of good government, Debbie has the integrity we need in the legislature. I'm a Fishers resident and have known Debbie for over 20 years."
Jeff endorses Debbie Driskell
Jeff Hern tells us why he is voting for Debbie Driskell

"Debbie is a fiscal conservative, a strong believer in individual and property rights. She believes in low taxes, small government and local home rule control."
Dex endorses Debbie Driskell
It's about trustworthiness.

"My name is Dex White and I live in Fishers. Debbie Driskell impressed me with her sensible approach to key issues of job creation, improving our public schools and governing with a sense of fairness and frugality. She deserves my support and I hope you will join me at the polls on May 8th."